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Rising Urban Leaders Enterprise believes opportunities exist if you are in a culture where people emphasize education.  For this reason, we have rolled out a step-by-step plan for teens to increase social and academic skills.  Here's how we propose motivating teens to connect...

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Host weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual student-led events for teens to...

  • Volunteer as executive student leaders
  • Write and track goals
  • Learn study skills
  • Socialize with peers
  • Engage in discussions
  • Determine personality types & leadership styles
  • Study leadership
  • recognize strengths & abilities
  • Reflect on conversations
  • Research and plan community development projects
  • Meet city leadership
  • Collaborate with peers to complete projects
  • Celebrate self and peers
  • Invite influencers to be keynote speakers
  • Realize and utilize platforms to be heard
  • Attend RULE's gala
Rising Urban Leaders Enterprise (RULE)

We endeavor to build trust with you through transparency.  RULE is a 501c3 tax-exempt nonprofit organization, EIN 83-2697540.  If you'd like, contact us here to learn more.

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