Building An Extraordinary Learning Community Where Teens Are A Part of The Leadership Crew

Our team leads a support group for high schoool students as they prep for life


Welcome to Rising Urban Leaders Enterprise! RULE is a student-run leadership organization founded to protect the spiritual, social, and academic integrity of our youth as they learn techniques to lead themselves and others.


RULE offers a variety of leadership activities to shape students' beliefs, values, and attitudes toward...

  • Teamwork
  • Responsibility
  • Perseverance
  • Competition
  • Diversity


When teens in high school give us 50 hours of their time--about one hour a week for a year--RULE will present a series of leadership training and offer incentives to empower students to build a plan for their future and build friendships along the way.

Denise Blackwood
Mr. Keith Allen, Esq.
Rising Urban Leaders Enterprise (RULE)
Councilman Robert Artis
Mr. Edward Jones Sr.
Rising Urban Leaders Enterprise (RULE)
Dr. Stephanie Taylor
Ms. Linda Hicks
Mr. Eric Null