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 Y o u ' r e  I n v i t e d !

Dear Student,

Hello!  And thank you so much for reading about the specifics of RULE's student leadership organization.  My name is Denise Blackwood.  And I serve as chief executive of Rising Urban Leaders Enterprise.

Sometime in December 2018, I imagined ways of leading high schoolers to a platform in which they would be empowered to take charge of their future and fulfill their passions.  Thus, I designed and developed this leadership program to encourage you to set goals and implement a strategy for achieving your goals.  I am confident that your participation in this program will empower you to achieve your measurable goals as you travel through school and career.

RULE is a not-for-profit organization in New Jersey.  What this means is, helping you achieve your goal is our mission.  Our purpose is to offer you and your peers assistance to help you plan your successful future.  We hope to achieve this goal through leadership training, mentorship guidance, and volunteer projects.

Being in a support group is rewarding to your individual success in this program.  Together, you will partner with other students to set goals and keep track of your plan of action.  Use the time with the group to share your progress and initiate conversations about obstacles you wish to overcome.

Outcomes are why people support the work you do.  They believe that what you do will make a difference and ultimately solve problems.  So, completing a community service project is recommended to help you organize time-specific services to benefit others in need.  This is a way of giving back!

As you master setting goals and achieving action steps, RULE’s executive team will coordinate social events in which influential leaders and guest speakers will show up to recognize you as you showcase your skills and gain respect.  Moreover, you will receive incentives every step of the way.

This is my idea of a student leadership organization.  But it’s your participation and success that will cause RULE to grow.

On your mark…

You are one step away from joining our team.  So, go ahead!  Complete the online application and send it to us promptly.  I really believe this is your time to shine!



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