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I'm Denise, and I serve as chief executive of Rising Urban Leaders Enterprise (RULE).

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For your information, in December 2018 when my son was a sophomore in high school, I imagined ways of leading high schoolers to a platform that would support their passions and dreams.

In high school, I failed nearly one-third of my classes.  During that time, I struggled to keep up with class assignments.  What I needed was academic help, but no one in my inner circle of family and friends seemed able to teach basic study skills or offer techniques such as understanding content or decoding and memorizing material.

This was indeed a dark time in my history.  By the end of my senior year, I had accumulated such poor grades and a low GPA that I suppressed my desire to go on to college.

It wasn't until years after high school graduation that I submitted my application to Howard University for admission.  Amazingly, I was accepted to study Journalism in its School of Communications.  What a celebration that acceptance was for me, and my family!  But when I arrived on campus, I was unprepared for the intensity of studying on a university level, thus my academic performance went from bad to worse.  So, I withdrew from college.

The good news is I returned to Howard decades later.  This time, I was determined to follow a customized plan of action to achieve good grades.  So, I intentionally focused on my goal.


My study habits improved!  And getting A's became achievable!

As I reflect on my adversity in school, I feel grateful for the process I entrusted to lead me to a better path in life.

For this reason, I have designed this leadership program to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and develop grit to accomplish your goals so that you can be excellent at whatever you do and stand out from the rest.  I am confident that your participation in our program will empower you to ACHIEVE your measurable goals as you journey through school and career.

RULE is a not-for-profit organization in New Jersey.  What this means is that helping you reach you succeed is our mission.  We hope to help you get ahead through leadership training, mentorship guidance, and volunteerism.

Do you want to become outstanding at sharing in a group?

Every member of RULE belongs to a small group of about six teens.  This group serves as a support team.  When you're facing options, it makes sense to have someone in your corner to remind you of your vision.  Consequently, being in a support group is rewarding to your individual success.  Keep in mind, this group is a partnership between you and other students to help everyone keep on track with their plans.

What you do with your time away from the group is your decision.  However, consider volunteering for community development projects to improve your organizational skills and fulfill time-specific services to aid others who are in need.  This is also a way of giving back!

As you master setting goals and achieving results, RULE’s executive team will coordinate social events in which influential leaders and guest speakers will show up to recognize you as you showcase your skills and gain respect.

Moreover, we hope incentives, such as recognition, leadership roles, and opportunities to win gift cards, will impress you and inspire you to complete the core programs which are: Orientation, Leadership Style, Support Team, Community Service, and Leadership Forum.

Now, this is my idea of a student leadership organization.  But it is your participation and success that will cause you to grow.

Ready?  ON YOUR MARK...

You are one step away from joining your support team at Rising Urban Leaders Enterprise.  Please complete the online application below and send it to us promptly.  I really believe it's your time to SHINE!

Success driven,