Dear Younger Me

Teens can be exceptional students.  But most can't get to that level without learning the strategies to avoid pitfalls and understanding the techniques to keep one step ahead of adversity.

This article will help students understand six ways they can get the most out of school.

1. Attend classes consistently.  Missing a class should be a rare occurrence due to illness or an important obligation.  After all, attending classes helps you understand the material well.  Moreover, your regular attendance shows the teacher you are a serious student.

2. Participate in classroom discussions. You are more likely to pay attention to the lecture when you are involved in the conversation. Plus, teachers can see the extent of your understanding of the subject when you are engaged in the dialogue. Also, you will gain self-confidence to speak up in groups.

3. Pursue independent study. If you and your teacher agree, then pursue a topic of interest to research with guidance from the teacher. This independent study is a way for you to learn specialized materials and gain research experience.

4. Ask questions when in doubt. Don't feel bad about asking questions. There are no stupid questions when you genuinely want to learn. It's always better to ask questions and do things right, than it is to do it wrong and have to do it over again. Ask your question, then listen for the answer.

5. Take personal responsibility. When you have a sense of personal responsibility, you accept rules and live by the standards. It's important to avoid blaming other people when you fail to meet the standards established by the teacher or the school district.

6. Be considerate of others. Treat others the way you want to be treated!


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