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Parties Democratic Republican Libertarian Green Constitution
Name Democratic National Committee Republican National Committee (GOP – Grand Old Party) Libertarian National Committee Green Party US Constitution Party
Political Position Left-wing Right-wing Left-wing Left-wing Right-wing to far right
Membership 45,715,952 33,284,020 411,250 248,189 118,088
Symbol Donkey Elephant Earthflower Statue of Liberty; Porcupine Bald Eagle
Color Blue Red Gold-yellow Green Red, White & Blue
Headquarters 430 S Capitol St. SE Washington, DC 20003 310 1st St. SE Washington, DC 20003 14444 Duke St. Alexander, VA 22314 6411 Orchard Ave., Suite 101 Takoma Park, MD 20912 408 West Chestnut St. Lancaster, PA 17603
Chairperson Tom Perez Ronna McDaniel Nicholas Sarwark   Jim Clymer
Founded Jan. 1828 Mar. 1854 Dec. 1971 Apr. 2001 1992
Political Ideology -Modern, Social & Civil Liberalism -Social Equality -Religious Secularism -Feminism -Fiscal Conservatism -Social Conservatism -Cultural & Economic Liberalism -Fiscal Conservatism -Laissez-faire       -Christian values -Fiscal & Social  Conservatism -Nationalism    
U.S. President   Donald Trump      
U.S. Vice President   Mike Pence      
Presidential Nominee Joe Biden   Jo Jorgensen Howie Hawkins Don Blankenship  
Vice Presidential Nominee Kamala Harris   Spike Cohen Angela Walker William Mohr
Senate Leaders Minority Leader:  Chuck Schumer Majority Leader: Mitch McConnell      
House Leaders Majority Leader: Nancy Pelosi Minority Leader: Kevin McCarthy      
Seats in Senate 45/100 53/100      
Seats in the House of Representative s 232/435 197/435 1/435    
State Governorships 24/50 27/50      
State Upper Chamber Seats 874/1,972 1,080/1,972      
State Lower Chamber Seats 2,579/5,411 2,773/5,411      
Territorial Governorships 4/6 1/6      
Territorial Upper Chamber Seats 31/97 12/97      
Territorial Lower Chamber Seats 0/91 14/91      


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