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NameDemocratic National CommitteeRepublican National Committee (GOP – Grand Old Party)Libertarian National CommitteeGreen Party USConstitution Party
Political PositionLeft-wingRight-wingLeft-wingLeft-wingRight-wing to far right
SymbolDonkeyElephantEarthflowerStatue of Liberty; PorcupineBald Eagle
ColorBlueRedGold-yellowGreenRed, White & Blue
Headquarters430 S Capitol St. SE Washington, DC 20003310 1st St. SE Washington, DC 2000314444 Duke St. Alexander, VA 223146411 Orchard Ave., Suite 101 Takoma Park, MD 20912408 West Chestnut St. Lancaster, PA 17603
ChairpersonTom PerezRonna McDanielNicholas Sarwark Jim Clymer
FoundedJan. 1828Mar. 1854Dec. 1971Apr. 20011992
Political Ideology-Modern, Social & Civil Liberalism -Social Equality -Religious Secularism -Feminism-Fiscal Conservatism -Social Conservatism-Cultural & Economic Liberalism -Fiscal Conservatism -Laissez-faire     -Christian values -Fiscal & Social  Conservatism -Nationalism    
U.S. President Donald Trump   
U.S. Vice President Mike Pence   
Presidential NomineeJoe Biden Jo JorgensenHowie HawkinsDon Blankenship  
Vice Presidential NomineeKamala Harris Spike CohenAngela WalkerWilliam Mohr
Senate LeadersMinority Leader:  Chuck SchumerMajority Leader: Mitch McConnell   
House LeadersMajority Leader: Nancy PelosiMinority Leader: Kevin McCarthy   
Seats in Senate45/10053/100   
Seats in the House of Representative s232/435197/4351/435  
State Governorships24/5027/50   
State Upper Chamber Seats874/1,9721,080/1,972   
State Lower Chamber Seats2,579/5,4112,773/5,411   
Territorial Governorships4/61/6   
Territorial Upper Chamber Seats31/9712/97   
Territorial Lower Chamber Seats0/9114/91   

Rising Urban Leaders Enterprise

Rising Urban Leaders Enterprise is a New Jersey nonprofit organization dedicated to helping high school students set and achieve their goals.

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