Leadership Programs


Orientation is the first event for students who have an interest in joining RULE.

At the Orientation, students receive an overview presentation of RULE.  In addition, everyone will have an opportunity to ask questions or address concerns.

For the students who join RULE, they will be asked to sign up for a support team.

Leadership Style

Leadership Style training is based on the leadership assessments.  This training introduces students to different leadership styles and personality types that define behaviors and decision making. 

In addition, the discussion prepares students to find out which type of leader describes their characteristics.  Moreover, the knowledge helps them better understand how to interact with others. 

Support Team

The Support Team is the core function of the program.  In this session, students meet and greet their team members.  Here, students learn the fundamentals of setting goals.

As students learn the format for setting goals, they will write their goals, volunteer to discuss their goals, and prepare action steps to achieve each goals. 

Moreover, they will imagine potential obstacles that they might face and then discuss options for overcoming those obstacles.  Memebers will use this opportunity to give feedback to keep each other accountable to their plan. 

Based on students’ availability, a group of six students will volunteer to meet for about one hour every week to review goals and track their progress. 

Each member of the team will choose a role within the group.  Eventually, students can rotate roles or rotate groups.  To stand out from the rest, each team will select a catchy name to call their group.

Leadership Roles:

  • Facilitator
    Leads the group. Explains the purpose. Reminds the group of their goals.
  • Communications Coordinator
    Sends the group information about date, time, and location of meeting.
  • Logistics Coordinator
    Finds a space for the meeting. Brings pens, paper, supplies to the meeting.
  • Activity Coordinator
    Plans icebreakers and energizers. Coordinates group outings and activities.
  • Timekeeper
    Keeps the group moving so that everyone has an opportunity to share.
  • Recorder
    Documents everyone’s goal and sends out emails to the team.

Community Service

Community Service projects prepare students to partner and plan ways to do outreach work that benefits others in the community.  Although the community service is voluntary work, students will present their best effort in leadership. 

This activity is an opportunity for students to learn about the components of the city and its various agencies and leaders. 

Consequently, this activity allows students to research and develop projects that are relevant to community development.

Leadership Forum

Leadership Forum is a social event in which RULE leaders and students collaborate to invite influential leaders to share personal leadership stories with students and guests.

Since networking is a pivotal aspect of our vision, students will have access to socialize with influencers, mentors, tutors, educators, parents, fellow students, community supporters and more at the forum.

Students will be recognized and rewarded for their hard work at this community event.